VoltAeros Cassio Hybrid Electric Aircraft

  • When VoltAero is going to release this aircraft
  • How this aircraft is meant to operate and what kind of customers should purchase this aircraft

The VoltAero Cassio is a hybrid electric aircraft being developed by VoltAero with plans to produce three configurations by 2022. VoltAero was established in September 2017 with support from French Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. In May 2020, VoltAero presented the production Cassio family: the 330 kW  combined Cassio 330 offering four seats, to be delivered from 2022, the later 480 kW Cassio 480 seating six and the 600 kW Cassio 600 accommodating ten people. The six-seater is planned for 2023 and the 10 seater for 2024. The combination of fuel and batteries will give it a 1,200 km range with nine people aboard. It should fly up to 200 km as a pure electric aircraft, 200–600 km as a battery-assisted mild hybrid and over 600 km using its combustion engine. 

The Cassio family of airplanes is meant for to be operated by private owners, air taxi companies, point to point commercial flights, and in various utility-category applications. Cassio will be certified to Europe’s EASA CS23 certification specification as a single-engine, general aviation category aircraft.The aircrafts battery will last about 3.5 hours, has a range of 800 miles and a cruise speed of 200 knots. Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and chief technology officer “With Cassio 1’s French tour, we are providing realistic examples of how our future family of Cassio airplanes will bring reliable and eco-friendly air service to regions that – more than ever – require such connections.”

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