How the Pandemic Affected Private Aviation

  • How travel has changed during the Corona Virus Pandemic
  • The impact the Pandemic had on private aviation as a whole
  • Types of changes that have happened during the pandemic to private aviation

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you may be thinking about ways to avoid crowded airliners and airports. If so, now is a good time to get acquainted with flying privately. Ever since COVID-19 depressed commercial air travel, stories have been emerging about the surprisingly optimistic picture in the world for the future of private aviation. It turns out that as people became afraid of traveling by plane with hundreds of strangers, the appetite to charter privately or even purchase their own aircraft or air taxi has strengthened.

Though many private charter companies have struggled due to the drop-off in business and corporate travel due to the pandemic, attracting a whole new set of customers has provided a silver lining and has helped carry them through. In a recent conversation, private operator VistaJet referenced data showing that only 10% of people who can afford to fly private actually do. That means there’s a huge untapped market out there. And the coronavirus has evidently pushed some of that market into finally taking the plunge. So, while fewer people overall have been flying privately since early 2020, the percentage of flyers choosing private jets has gone way up which was unexpected. 2020 did not turn out to be the disastrous year that one might have predicted for private air charter.

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