XO Jet

About XO Jet XO Jet was founded in 2006 with a focal point of fractional ownership programs. In 2009 the XO team shifted their focus to fixed pricing for one-way flights. In 2019, XO Jet underwent a merger with JetSmarter. … Continue reading XO Jet

Wheels Up

About Wheels Up Wheels Up was founded by Kenny Dichter in 2013. Since then, Wheels Up has acquired Travel Management Company, Delta Private Jets, and Gama Aviation Signature. With these acquisitions, Wheels Up is the second largest private aircraft operator … Continue reading Wheels Up


About Netjets NetJets provides a variety of private aviation services in the United States. Their current offerings include fractional ownership, a jet share program, and jet card programs. Service Offerings Fractional Ownership Program NetJets fractional ownership is the ideal option … Continue reading NetJets


About Flexjet FlexJet was founded in 1995, as a subsidiary of Bombardier Aviation, under the operating name Business Jet Solutions. For 25 years, FlexJet has faithfully served the United States private aviation market. FlexJet has a wealth of offerings ranging … Continue reading FlexJet