JANUS Aerospace

What is JANUS Aerospace

JANUS Aerospace is a North American service-provider of aviation maintenance, consulting, custom interior design, compliance certification, and a number of additional services. Their unique business profile has enabled the JANUS Group to excel in 2020, a year where much of private aviation has stagnated.

What does JANUS Aerospace offer?

Certification Consulting

In collaboration with Kilroy Aviation, the JANUS Group has completed Supplemental and Type Certificate aircraft certification, MRA modification services as consultant DERs and as an ODA (providing FAA approvals on design and airworthiness).

Comfort – Private Jet Design

The JANUS Group has a number of teams that provide completely singular private aviation remodeling and custom design. Making interior modifications is one of the major perks of owning a private jet. When adjusting a vehicle that costs $2 to $20 million dollars; Why would you trust anybody but the craftsmen with decades of aircraft customization experience.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

Industry experience is invaluable when you’re buying or selling a private aircraft. The JANUS Group is comprised of accountants, attorneys, avionics / engine professionals, flight centers, and tax advisors with decades of aviation experience. They have the experience necessary to perform any type of private aircraft acquisition.

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Custom Intererior Aircraft Design by JANUS Aerospace

XO Jet

https://flyxo.com/(XO Jet Logo)

About XO Jet

XO Jet was founded in 2006 with a focal point of fractional ownership programs. In 2009 the XO team shifted their focus to fixed pricing for one-way flights. In 2019, XO Jet underwent a merger with JetSmarter. The merger was managed by Vista Global; and the final entity is XO, powered by JetSmarter Technology.

Service Offerings

Pay As-You-Go

The program for the traveler just beginning to embark on the private aviation journey. With no money down, and no monthly-fees; XO’s Pay As-You-Go program is ideal for elite travelers new to private jet travel.

Select / Rise Programs

XO offers two programs between beginner-focused Pay As-You-Go, and the Signature and Elite programs (geared towards regular jet travelers). The Select and Rise programs offer benefits of higher-priority membership without the financial commitment of one of the priciest two programs.

Signature / Elite Access

The premier options XO jet provides for private travelers. While the Signature and Elite Access programs have a down payment of $100,000. They also offer the highest limit for authorized users per account (10 users), the ability to choose seats on shared flights, and complimentary de-icing.

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