Egypt Sends Military Plane to Evacuate Citizens from Afghanistan

  • How many Egyptian Citizens were evacuated from Afghanistan
  • What these citizens jobs were for the Egyptian community

Members of the Egyptian community, Al Azhar mission, and the Egyptian embassy staff in Afghanistan returned home safely Tuesday morning. In a report by MENA News Agency, it states, “Upon directives of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, the Armed Forces dispatched a military plane to Afghanistan to safely evacuate the Egyptians from Kabul.” So far, more than 40 Egyptians have returned safely back to their homeland. The 43 evacuees include the staff from the Egyptian Embassy in Kabul and clerics from Al-Azhar, which is the Sunni Muslim world’s foremost religious institution. A local TV station showed footage for the returnees carrying Egyptian flags as they landed in an airport in Cairo. They were received by military and health officials.

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