Jay-Z And Beyonces Private Jet

  • What kind of Jet the couple owns
  • Details of the interior and exterior of the aircraft

Jay Z & Beyonce are the most famous music superstar couple in the world, and it comes with no surprise that the couple own a private jet. The couple travel the world in style in their very own Bombardier Challenger 850 jet. Beyonce purchased this jet in 2012 for Jay Z as a gift, and having known that this couple is worth over a billion dollars, this purchase seems normal to them. The purchase was to celebrate Jay Z’s first Fathers Day after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The jet has a price tag of about $40 million, which is quite the price tag for a fathers day gift. The Challenger 850 jet is the largest Challenger jet of its kind, so Beyonce had the intentions of the whole Carter family being able to travel together, not just the superstar couple. 

The interior as well as the exterior of the jet are personalized for the Carter family. The exterior includes a custom painted S Carter written on the side to signify that it belongs to Jay-Z himself. The interior is all cream colored, and includes a bedroom as well as two bathrooms for the long overnight flights across the country. Other amenities include a full kitchen so they can enjoy any type of food they want and not peanuts and crackers like on commercial airline flights. 

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