Pros of Private Charter Flights

  • Comparing private charter flights ammenities
  • Comparing a private jet flight to a commercial flight


When thinking about purchasing your first private jet charter flight, you need to think of the pros and cons of doing so. In this article, we will be giving you an in depth analysis of the positives of booking charter flights. When it comes to private jets, the main pros that come to mind are luxury, privacy, accessibility  and personalization. When you hire a private jet, it is very likely that one of the main reasons will be to enjoy the luxurious experience. For many people, flying private is a one-of-a kind experience. These various benefits meshed together make it an experience that you will never forget. Amenities such as catering, comfortable seats, leg room, big screen tv’s and on board wifi make the experience luxurious compared to a flight with an airline such as Delta or American Airlines. 

If you’ve flown business or first class in a commercial jet you surely know that certain measures are taken to try to make your flight more private but none of that compares to the privacy of a private jet. When it comes to the number of passengers who share a private flight, it may be fewer than you think. These jets can range from 2 passengers maximum to 16 passengers maximum, depending on the size of the private jet.

Private Jet Amenities

  • Flying commercial can be a pain, from long lines to cramped cabins
  • Private jets offer numerous amenities, such as comfortable seating and business spaces
  • Even pets get to enjoy perusing the cabin instead of being stuck in a crate

One of the main benefits of private jets is the comfort level they offer. If the jet is big enough, they can be customized to include the rooms found in common households, such as bedroom, full-sized bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms with enough to seat large groups. Flyers may completely forget they are in the clouds when lounging in a full-on living room. The furniture can all be custom tailored to the customer’s wishes if they own the aircraft.

If you are looking for more of a workplace experience, jets can also come equipped with business amenities. Of course, Wi-Fi has become a relatively standard addition on most aircraft. In addition to this, larger jet can even have meeting rooms or conference areas, perfect for conducting important calls while in the sky.

Lastly, if you plan on bringing along any furry friends, they can be met with the same comfort level. Instead of being stuffed in a cage or carrier case, animals are allowed to roam free throughout the main area during the flight. For some, their pets are very much part of the family; by flying private they do not experience the discomfort of flying commercially.

Business Advantages of Private Airplane Charter

  • Flying private not only boasts convenience when getting onto flights, but while in the air the benefits continue
  • The privacy these aircrafts offer also increased productivity with minimized distractions

One of the most well known benefits of flying private is the ability to walk right onto the aircraft, avoiding security checks and waiting lines. The convenience is unmatched; instead of potentially waiting hours to have your luggage checked, it is loaded on by the crew as soon as you arrive at the aircraft.

This is especially good for individuals traveling for business. Not only do they not waste valuable time in lines not being able to work, but they are instantly in a work friendly environment once they board. Time is money, so making the most out of every minute is crucial.

Going along with the last point, many jets offer free domestic WiFi while some also offer international WiFi. This is crucial for flying business; being able to connect to the internet as well as communicate with others within the business is pivotal. WiFi on commercial airliners can often be spotty due to the amount of devices connecting; on a private aircraft, only the group you are with will be connected.