At least 60 dead, 120 wounded, and 12 U.S Marines Killed Following the Terror Attacks

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  • Day Charters

The new day-based pricing model in the U.S. is designed to give customers more certainty about availability and prices, which Davis says will be up to 40% lower than retail charter rates. Customers can book a flight for any day within the next 365 days.

While it’s unclear how many customers Instajet had on its previous programs, Davis says the company has seen “tremendous growth” in recent months. Part of that is due to an expansion into new markets, such as the Middle East and Asia.

Instajet is not the only broker trying to disrupt the charter market with new pricing models. JetSmarter recently announced a fixed-price membership program that offers unlimited flying on some routes for $15,000 a year. And Wheels Up has a guaranteed availability program that starts at $17,500 a year.

Davis says that Instajet’s focus on day-based pricing sets it apart from its competitors. “We want to make charter more accessible and more affordable for people that maybe haven’t considered it before,” he says.

The company is also hoping to attract a new customer base with its focus on technology. Instajet has built a custom-designed app that allows customers to book and manage their flights.

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