How the Pilot Shortage could cause Increased Fares and Less Options

This scenario of less pilots, higher costs, and fewer options, could become a reality – and a reality soon.

Even as we are seeing it in today’s world with a shortage of pilots due to a rise of COVID cases, there is rhetoric that the smaller regional airlines could face further shortages.

One projection shows that by the end of 2023, there will be about 12,000 less pilots. Geoff Murray, the author of the study, believes regional flying will be impacted the most.

“Because of the shortage, the airlines — the regionals in particular — aren’t going to be able to staff those 50-seaters…”

Even today, airlines are cutting some of their locations in specific cities. For instance, United Airlines closed about 10 locations in smaller cities, and CEO Scott Kirby said publicly that they do not have enough pilots to fly the airplanes.

The aviation industry, albeit having increased travel demand in this day and age, could face some “turbulence” this year with a smaller amount of pilots: and the consumers and passengers will see the effects of it as well.

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