UK Parliament Reveals Recovery Plan for the Aviation Industry

The UK Parliament revealed a recovery plan for the aviation industry as it was hit hard by COVID-19.

The plan entailed extending airport slot rules which will help support the demand for international travel. Airlines are required to use their slots 70% of the time but will also benefit from when they do not use them.

Now, if an airline does not use one of the slots, they can justify it saying that the market is closed, for example. This helps airlines operate much better than the previous 80% threshold, as it helps them manage capacity in a more efficient manner.

The aviation industry will still need government assistance and other financial support, but this plan is a step in the right direction as it provides flexibility for airlines.

Grant Shipps, transport secretary made a statement on this plan.

Leaving the EU has allowed us to take back control of our airport slots rules, giving us greater flexibility to balance the needs of our magnificent aviation industry as it faces up to the pandemic… Today’s extension marks a step back towards normal rules, helping the sector to recover and grow as travel returns while protecting it against any future uncertainty.”

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