4AIR… 4Profit?

  • The Company Making A Profit Off Carbon Offset Program
  • The Plot From Within The Industry

In today’s company profile, we take a look at the private aviation carbon offset company 4Air founded by Kennedy Ricci.

If the Last name sounds familiar it’s because it very much is, The son of Ken Ricci, founder of private investment firm Directional Aviation, with the umbrella of well-known private aviation providers such as Sentient Jet and Flex Jet. Ken Ricci “The living legend of aviation” Started his aviation career as the personal pilot of Bill Clinton during his first campaign for US president. With his various political connections he was able to excel in investments such as his founding of Nextant Aerospace which was the first company to be federally approved for the concept of aircraft remanufacturing, in which the company completely disassembles the airframe; replacing worn components; making aerodynamic and other airframe improvements and then remarketing and selling it a “new” aircraft.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration for 4AIR

4AIR, a for-profit LLC founded in 2021 with the mission of minimizing the carbon footprint in private aviation has direct ties to Directional Aviation. The son of directional aviation owner Kennedy Ricci listed as “president” over at 4AIR the carbon offset company. According to a trademark filing on December 3rd, 2020 Tuvoli, LLC, a direct subsidiary of Directional aviation filed for the trademark of the “4AIR”.

Matthew Stanton an Associate Counsel at One Sky Flight, LLC – another subsidiary of directional aviation was the attorney who is responsible for filing the 4AIR trademark according to uspto.gov

If the connection was not clear enough 4AIR’s headquarters is listed as an office park in Quincy, Massachusetts. Which is the same building as Sentient Jets- yet another well-known subsidiary of Directional Aviation.

Sentient Jets & 4AIR Share The Same Office

Sentient Jet, despite being a part of the same parent company… and sharing the same cubicles, ignored any direct connection between companies, and the only admission to the connection was a “partnership” with 4AIR. Sentient, claimed on the website, ”Guided by our partnership with 4AIR, the past 12 months were truly transformative, and we’re looking forward to continuing our commitment and thoughtful approach to sustainability to meet both market and customer needs.” With similar wording being used by FlexJets– another subsidiary of directional aviation saying, “With our partnership with 4AIR now in place, and reduction developments well underway within our group, we are firmly on a pathway to meet and exceed our sustainability goals, within the industry-wide 2050 commitment.” These companies never went further with the announcements to sustainability other than calling the 4AIR relation a “Partnership”. 

Other direct competitors of Sentient and FlexJets, assumingly unaware of the connection, have pledged to give the money to 4AIR. As an LLC it is unknown where the money is actually going to 4AIR. The following are some of the companies and competitors to Flex Jets and Sentient that have committed to using the 4AIR service

Clay Lacy


Jet Linx

Sun Air

And Others…

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