Climate activists protest near Taylor Swift's private jet

Climate Activists Target Taylor Swift’s Private Jet at Stansted Airport

Climate activists from the group Just Stop Oil broke into Stansted Airport and spray-painted two private jets orange, believing one of them belonged to Taylor Swift. The incident, which occurred early Thursday morning, led to the arrest of two activists on charges of criminal damage and interference with national infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • Just Stop Oil activists targeted private jets at Stansted Airport, mistakenly believing one belonged to Taylor Swift.
  • Two activists were arrested for criminal damage and interference with national infrastructure.
  • The protest aimed to highlight the environmental impact of private jet travel and demand an end to fossil fuel use by 2030.

The Incident

In the early hours of Thursday, two activists from Just Stop Oil, identified as Jennifer Kowalski and Cole Macdonald, cut through a fence at Stansted Airport. They used fire extinguishers filled with orange paint to spray two private jets. The activists filmed the act and posted the video on social media, claiming they were targeting Taylor Swift’s jet.

Arrests and Police Response

Essex Police quickly responded to the incident, arresting the two activists on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use or operation of national infrastructure. A police spokesperson confirmed that the arrests were made within minutes of the breach. The airport’s operations were briefly suspended but resumed shortly after, with no significant disruptions to flights.

Just Stop Oil’s Statement

Just Stop Oil released a statement explaining their actions. The group emphasized the disparity between the lifestyles of the wealthy, who can afford private jets, and the millions of people living in increasingly uninhabitable conditions due to climate change. They called for an emergency treaty to end fossil fuel use by 2030.

Taylor Swift’s Jet and Environmental Impact

Although the activists believed they were targeting Taylor Swift’s jet, police later confirmed that her aircraft was not at the airport during the incident. Swift has faced criticism for her frequent use of private jets, which contribute significantly to carbon emissions. In 2022, she topped a list of celebrities with the highest private jet CO2 emissions.

Broader Context of Climate Activism

This incident is part of a broader trend of climate activism aimed at drawing attention to the environmental impact of fossil fuels. Just Stop Oil and similar groups have previously disrupted sporting events, defaced famous artworks, and blocked traffic to highlight the urgency of addressing climate change. The group recently sprayed orange paint on Stonehenge as part of their ongoing protests.


The actions of Just Stop Oil at Stansted Airport underscore the growing frustration among climate activists over the slow pace of governmental action on climate change. While their methods are controversial, the message is clear: immediate and drastic measures are needed to combat the climate crisis.


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