Climate activists protest near Taylor Swift's plane

Climate Activists Target Taylor Swift’s Plane in London Airport Protest

Climate change activists from the group Just Stop Oil made headlines after spray-painting two private jets orange at London Stansted Airport. The activists claimed they were targeting Taylor Swift’s plane, although authorities later stated that her jet was not present at the time of the incident. The protest aimed to draw attention to the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the use of private jets by the wealthy elite.

Key Takeaways

  • Two activists from Just Stop Oil spray-painted private jets at London Stansted Airport.
  • The protest was aimed at Taylor Swift’s plane, although it was not confirmed to be there.
  • The activists were arrested and charged with criminal damage and interference with national infrastructure.
  • The incident is part of a broader campaign against fossil fuels and the use of private jets by the wealthy.

The Incident

On Thursday morning, two activists from the environmental group Just Stop Oil broke into a private area of London Stansted Airport. Using fire extinguishers filled with orange paint, they spray-painted two private jets. The activists, identified as Jennifer Kowalski, 28, and Cole Macdonald, 22, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use or operation of national infrastructure.

The Motivation

Just Stop Oil stated that the protest was aimed at drawing attention to the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the use of private jets by the wealthy elite. The group demanded that governments commit to ending the extraction and burning of oil, gas, and coal by 2030. In a video posted by the group, Macdonald stated, "While people are starving, the elite and the rich fly thousands and thousands of feet in the air above us all."

Taylor Swift’s Involvement

The activists claimed that Taylor Swift’s jet had landed at the airfield just hours before the protest. However, Essex Police later stated that her plane was not at the airport at the time. Swift, who is currently on her "The Eras Tour," has faced criticism in the past for her use of private jets. In 2022, she was listed as one of the worst private jet CO2 emission offenders among celebrities.

Legal Consequences

Kowalski and Macdonald have been charged with causing criminal damage and interfering with national infrastructure. They have denied causing £52,000 worth of damage and are due to appear in court for further hearings. The protest also caused a 38-minute delay, disrupting 75 flights and affecting thousands of passengers.

Broader Context

This incident is part of a series of protests by Just Stop Oil and other environmental groups aimed at drawing attention to climate change. The day before the airport protest, other activists from the group vandalized the ancient Stonehenge monument with orange powder. Just Stop Oil has also disrupted sporting events, splashed paint on famous works of art, and interrupted traffic to highlight the urgency of addressing climate change.

Public and Official Reactions

The protest has received mixed reactions. While some support the activists’ message, others condemn their methods. Essex Police and airport authorities have emphasized that they are well-prepared to handle such incidents and ensure minimal disruption to the public. Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow reassured passengers that the airport and flights are operating as normal and that security measures have been heightened.


The protest at London Stansted Airport by Just Stop Oil activists has sparked a debate about the effectiveness and ethics of such actions in raising awareness about climate change. While the activists face legal consequences, their actions have undoubtedly brought attention to the environmental impact of fossil fuels and the use of private jets by the wealthy elite.


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