Bombardier workers striking outside Toronto factory

Bombardier Business Jet Workers in Toronto Strike: Negotiations to Resume Monday

Workers at Bombardier’s business-jet plant in Toronto have gone on strike after failing to reach a new contract agreement. The strike involves 1,350 production and office workers at the Pearson Airport facility, where Global-series aircraft are built. Negotiations are set to resume on Monday.

Key Takeaways

  • Strike Initiation: 1,350 workers at Bombardier’s Toronto plant are on strike.
  • Reason: Failure to reach a new contract agreement by the deadline.
  • Location: Bombardier business-jet plant at Pearson Airport, Toronto.
  • Negotiations: Talks will resume on Monday.
  • Previous Strike: Workers had previously gone on strike in the summer of 2021.


Labor union Unifor announced on Sunday that 1,350 workers at Bombardier’s business-jet plant in Toronto initiated a strike after the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new contract by the Saturday night deadline. The negotiations continued into Sunday morning and are scheduled to resume on Monday.

Bombardier’s Response

Bombardier has stated that it is continuing to negotiate and hopes to swiftly reach a mutually beneficial agreement. However, neither side has disclosed details of the ongoing negotiations.

Impact on Production

The strike involves both production and office workers at the Bombardier plant located at Pearson Airport in Toronto. This facility is responsible for building the Global-series aircraft, a key product in Bombardier’s business jet lineup.

Historical Context

This is not the first time workers at this plant have gone on strike. In the summer of 2021, workers also went on strike before ratifying a three-year contract that included wage increases and better pension benefits.

Next Steps

Negotiations between Bombardier and the labor union Unifor are set to resume on Monday. Both parties are hopeful for a swift resolution to the strike, aiming to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that addresses the concerns of the workers.


The strike at Bombardier’s business-jet plant in Toronto highlights ongoing labor disputes and the importance of reaching fair agreements for both workers and employers. As negotiations continue, the industry watches closely for a resolution that will allow production to resume and ensure the well-being of the workforce.


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