Egyptian tycoon linked to jet and gold scam

Egyptian Tycoon Unmasked as Owner of Jet Seized in Zambian Gold Scam

In a dramatic turn of events, the owner of a private jet seized in Zambia last year has been revealed as prominent Egyptian businessman Ibrahim Al Organi. The jet was found carrying $5.7 million in cash, five pistols, and 127 kilograms of what appeared to be gold, which later turned out to be mostly copper and zinc.

Key Takeaways

  • Ibrahim Al Organi, a well-known Egyptian tycoon, has been identified as the owner of the seized jet.
  • The jet was found with $5.7 million in cash, five pistols, and 127 kilograms of fake gold.
  • Zambian authorities detained 10 people, including six Egyptians, in connection with the case.
  • The jet has since been released following an agreement between Al Organi’s company and Zambian authorities.

The Raid and Seizure

Last August, Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) raided a private jet that had landed at Lusaka’s international airport after a flight from Cairo. Acting on a tip, authorities discovered $5.7 million in cash, five pistols, and 127 kilograms of what initially appeared to be gold bars. Subsequent tests revealed that the bars were mostly made of copper and zinc, leading DEC Director Nason Banda to label the incident as a "clear case of scamming, gold scamming."

The Mystery Owner Revealed

For nearly a year, the ownership of the jet remained a mystery. However, documents obtained by Sky News and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) have now identified Ibrahim Al Organi as the owner. Al Organi is the chairman of the Organi Group, a conglomerate involved in construction, real estate, travel, and security. He is also the sole director of World Aviation Sinai International Mountain Limited, the company that owns the jet.

Legal Proceedings and Affidavits

In an affidavit submitted to Zambia’s High Court in December, Al Organi confirmed his ownership of the aircraft. He stated that neither he nor the plane’s management company, Ibis Air, had any connection with the Egyptians who chartered the flight from Cairo to Lusaka. The director of Ibis Air, Baher Fawzi Mohamed Aldamasy, also submitted an affidavit challenging the seizure, stating that the company was not required to investigate a client’s background beyond standard aviation protocols.

Recent Developments

In April, Zambian authorities released the jet after reaching an agreement with Al Organi’s company. Flight tracking data shows that the plane flew from Lusaka to Johannesburg on April 12. Despite the release, the case continues to raise questions, particularly regarding the roles of the five Egyptians who were initially charged with espionage but later had their charges dropped.

Ongoing Legal Cases

Five Zambians connected to the plot are currently standing trial in Lusaka on charges of espionage. The Zambian Drug Enforcement Commission and the Director of Public Prosecutions have declined to comment on the ongoing legal cases. The next hearing is scheduled for August.


The revelation of Ibrahim Al Organi as the owner of the seized jet adds another layer of intrigue to an already complex case. While the jet has been released, the legal proceedings continue, leaving many questions unanswered about the true nature of the operation and the involvement of various parties.


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