Millennial with toy poodle on private jet to Japan

Millennial Spends $38,000 to Take Toy Poodle on Private Jet to Japan

In an extraordinary display of pet pampering, 29-year-old investment banker Gladys Tsoi from Hong Kong spent $38,000 to take her toy poodle, Hershey, on a private jet to Japan. This lavish trip marked their second visit to Japan in four months, with the first trip costing $10,100 on a commercial airline.

Key Takeaways

  • Gladys Tsoi, a 29-year-old investment banker, spent $38,000 on a private jet to take her toy poodle, Hershey, to Japan.
  • The trip was meticulously planned over a year, involving a pet travel agent, import-export paperwork, and multiple vet check-ups.
  • Japan was chosen for its pet-friendly culture, making it easy to find accommodations, dining options, and parks open to dogs.
  • The first trip in January 2024 cost $10,100 and involved a commercial airline, while the second trip in April 2024 was a family affair with a private jet.
  • Tsoi plans to bring another one of her dogs on the next trip.

A Dream Come True

Gladys Tsoi had always dreamed of traveling abroad with her dogs. In 2021, she adopted Hershey, a toy poodle rescued from abusive breeders. Hershey joined Tsoi’s other dogs, Milo and Malibu, and quickly became a cherished member of the family. Tsoi decided that 2024 would be the year to make her dream a reality.

Planning the Journey

The planning process for these trips was extensive. Tsoi spent about a year organizing everything, from securing a reliable pet travel agent to managing import-export paperwork and ensuring Hershey met Japan’s stringent medical standards for pets. The effort paid off, as Japan’s pet-friendly culture made it an ideal destination.

First Trip: January 2024

The first trip in January 2024 was an epic road trip covering over 1,200 miles and seven prefectures, including Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Hakuba, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Izu. Tsoi and Hershey flew to Tokyo on Korean Air, transiting in Seoul, and returned via Japan Airlines cargo. They stayed in pet-friendly accommodations and explored iconic landmarks like Tokyo Tower and Shibuya Crossing.

Second Trip: April 2024

The second trip in April 2024 was even more luxurious, with Tsoi opting for a private jet both ways. This 8-day journey covered 10 prefectures in Kyushu, including Fukuoka, Oita, Yufuin, Kumamoto, Beppu, Nagasaki, Yanagawa, Sasebo, and Itoshima. The main goal was to witness Japan’s spring flower season, and the private jet made the journey simpler and more comfortable.

Future Plans

Despite the hefty expenses, Tsoi has no regrets. She plans to bring another one of her dogs, either Milo or Malibu, on the next trip. For Tsoi, the joy and happiness of her pets are worth every cent spent.


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