Annie Kilner Flies to Dusseldorf on Private Jet to Support Husband Kyle Walker Amidst Off-Pitch Drama

Annie Kilner, wife of England footballer Kyle Walker, was seen boarding a private jet to Dusseldorf to support her husband in England’s quarter-final match against Switzerland. The trip comes amidst ongoing personal drama and a show of solidarity with fellow WAG Charlotte Trippier. Annie has been a constant presence at England’s matches, despite recent marital issues and off-pitch controversies involving her husband and his ex-lover, Lauryn Goodman.

Key Takeaways

  • Annie Kilner flew to Dusseldorf on a private jet to support her husband, Kyle Walker, in England’s quarter-final match against Switzerland.
  • Annie has been present at every England match so far, despite ongoing personal drama.
  • She has formed a close bond with Charlotte Trippier, another WAG dealing with marital issues.
  • The trip comes amidst a backdrop of off-pitch controversies involving Kyle Walker and Lauryn Goodman.

Annie Kilner’s Journey to Dusseldorf

Annie Kilner and her family were seen boarding a private jet at Manchester Airport on Saturday morning. The 33-year-old WAG opted for a £35,000 return flight to ensure she could support her husband without staying in Germany for the entire tournament. Annie shares four sons with Kyle Walker: Rezon, Roman, Riaan, and Reign, who have also been seen at the matches wearing their father’s No. 2 shirt.

Ongoing Personal Drama

Annie’s marriage to Kyle Walker has been under scrutiny following his admission to fathering a child out of wedlock with influencer Lauryn Goodman. Despite this, Annie has continued to support her husband from the stands. Friends claim she has the full backing of her fellow WAGs, who admire her strength and resilience.

Solidarity Among WAGs

Annie has reportedly formed a ‘deadly alliance’ with Charlotte Trippier, wife of Kieran Trippier. The two women have been close friends since their husbands played together at Tottenham Hotspur. Charlotte recently posted a cryptic message on Instagram about ‘getting over things,’ which has fueled speculation about her own marital issues. The two WAGs have been using social media to voice their struggles, creating more off-pitch drama than the England team itself.

Impact on the England Team

The ongoing personal issues among the WAGs have not gone unnoticed by England’s head coach, Gareth Southgate. The drama has been a distraction for the team, which has yet to impress in Germany this summer. Despite topping Group C, England’s performances have been unconvincing, and they will need to step up their game against Switzerland to secure a spot in the semi-finals.


Annie Kilner’s journey to Dusseldorf to support her husband Kyle Walker highlights the complex interplay between personal lives and professional commitments. Amidst ongoing personal drama and a show of solidarity with fellow WAG Charlotte Trippier, Annie continues to be a steadfast supporter of her husband and the England team.


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