Private jets at Sun Valley airport for billionaire event.

Billionaire Summer Camp Kicks Off in Sun Valley with 165 Private Jets

The small town of Sun Valley, Idaho, is once again the epicenter of the business world as the annual Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference begins. This year, the event sees the arrival of 165 private jets, bringing together some of the most influential figures in tech, media, and politics.

Key Takeaways

  • Event: Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference
  • Location: Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Attendees: CEOs, politicians, and business moguls
  • Private Jets: 165
  • Notable Names: Bob Iger, Shari Redstone, Sam Altman

A Tradition of Influence

For over four decades, the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference has been a gathering point for the world’s elite. Known colloquially as the "summer camp for billionaires," the event has been the birthplace of significant business deals, including Jeff Bezos’ decision to buy The Washington Post and the ABC-Disney merger.

This year, the agenda is expected to cover pressing global issues such as the Israel-Hamas conflict, the 2024 U.S. elections, and advancements in artificial intelligence. While the official guest list remains undisclosed, the influx of private jets offers a glimpse into the high-profile attendees.

The Influx of Private Jets

Sun Valley’s Friedman Memorial Airport is experiencing a surge in air traffic, with over 165 private jets scheduled to land. These jets come from affluent locations like Aspen, Colorado, and Nantucket, Massachusetts. Notable aircraft include Nike’s Gulfstream G650 and Invemed Securities’ Bombardier Global 5000.

The airport has taken measures to manage the increased traffic, including coordinating with an FAA hub in Salt Lake City. Despite these efforts, the small airport faces challenges such as limited parking space and congested skies. In 2022, the airport had to accommodate over 300 flights compared to the usual 40.

Local Impact and Controversies

The annual event brings both excitement and challenges to the small town of Sun Valley. While the conference is a significant event for the business community, it also causes logistical headaches for the local airport. The airport’s governing board has even considered building a second jet hangar to accommodate the excess of private planes.

However, this proposal has faced criticism from community members who question whether it aligns with the town’s character. "Is that the vibe that Friedman Memorial Airport wants to foster?" asked local pilot Caitlin McCarthy.


As the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference kicks off, the small town of Sun Valley transforms into a bustling hub of activity. With 165 private jets and a roster of influential attendees, the event continues to be a focal point for high-stakes discussions and potential business deals.


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