Embraers Glass Pod Aircraft: The Pulse

  • Embraers future in aircraft making
  • How the aircraft will be made fully transparent for the passengers
  • How long until we can expect to see this aircraft being used


For the 50th anniversary since Embraers founding, Embraers design team has made a futuristic vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), called the Pulse Concept. The cabin is a removable pod that can be transferred to a ground vehicle and back to the aircraft. Even though this aircraft does not have an entry market date for another 50 years, many scientists and investors are raving about this aircraft and hoping for solid state batteries to have high energy density. As technology advances, Embraer is hoping to make a fully see-through passenger pod. Using Transparent aluminium, this ceramic composed of aluminium, oxygen, and nitrogen would allow passengers to see right outside as this material is four times harder than silica glass. The designers of this aircraft used the styling they use for all of their business jet, sleek, and detailed

Once the aircraft lands, the autonomous ground vehicle docks with the pod and drives the passengers away to their destination without even leaving the aircraft. Once the pod is delivered, the pulse aircraft will lift off and go to its next destination. Embraer is still developing aircrafts to be used in the near future such as the EmbraerX eVTOL, but this Embraer Pulse concept is something to look forward to in the future of flying.

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