Transcend Air Works With Kaman to produce a High-Speed VTOL Aircraft

  • The specs of the High-Speed VTOL aircraft
  • How fast this aircraft can travel from Manhattan to Boston

Transcend Air announced on August 13 that it has selected Kaman Aerospace Group to build its Vy 400 tilt wing aircraft, looking to enter service by 2025. Kaman will make the VTOL in Jacksonville, Florida, where the Kaman facility is headquartered. This aircraft with a pricetag of $3.5 million is looking to have a range of up to 450 miles and a cruise speed of 400 mph. Transcend Air wants the aircraft to be used for regional passenger services, such as getting from Manhattan, NY to Boston, MA in a little over a half hour. In terms of interior design, Huslig Collective has been selected to design the luxury interior. 

The propulsion system of the Vy 400 will be based on a 2,500 shp GE Aviation CT7-8 turboprop engine. The Vy 400 will be able to hold five passengers and cost about ¼ the price of a helicopter ride for the same routing.  Using complex simulations, analysis tools, and other means of testing to perfect the Vy 400 flight and handling, Transcend is looking to redefine commercial flight. 

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