Russian Prototype Military Transport Aircraft (Il-112V) Crashes During Test Flight

  • How many fatalities were involved in the test flight crash
  • Specs of the aircraft and when we can expect this aircraft to go into production

A Russian prototype military plane crashed while performing a test flight outside Moscow on Tuesday, killing all three crew members involved. The Il-112V, a light military transport plane, crashed in the forest as it was trying to land at the Lubinka airfield, 28 miles west of Moscow. Russian police have opened an investigation into the incident, as is usual in most plane crash cases. The Il-112V was planned to be unveiled at the Army-2021 forum later this month and is the first military transport plane developed in Russia since the Soviet Union.

This aircraft has turboprop engines, with a main purpose of transporting military personnel, equipment, and weapons with a max cargo weight capacity of 5 tons. The Il-112V aircraft is expected to begin manufacturing in 2023 at the Voronezh Aviation Enterprise, producing up to 12 aircrafts a year to be delivered to customers. United Aircraft Corporation is developing and testing the Il-112V as a replacement for the ageing Antonov An-26.

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