Russia Offers to Evacuate Desperate Afghans to Flee the Taliban

  • What Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has to say about the situation

Russia is prepared to provide aircraft evacuation flights to Afghanistan for Afghan citizens, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said. “We are ready to offer the services of Russian civilian aviation to provide flights for any number of Afghan citizens, including women and children to any foreign countries that show interest in receiving and accommodating them,” Zakharova said at a news briefing. Thousands of Afghan civilians desperate to flee Afghanistan have been crowding Kabul’s airports since Monday since the Taliban seized the capital. 

Zakharova also said “The Taliban taking control is a reality the entire global community should now take into account when managing their ties with Afghanistan. The Taliban is showing a tendency towards dialogue and are ready to consider the interests of Afghan citizens.” Footage of people trying to get on evacuation flights out of the country flooded social media, with many reported casualties after several people fell from airplanes taking off the runway in Kabul airport.

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