Gulfstream G-IV Failed Takeoff In FXE 26 Year Old Boxer Gervonta Davis’ On Board

  • Details of Gervonta Davis plane crash
  • Details of the injuries the Boxer endured as the plane failed to takeoff

Gervonta Davis and his crew had just boarded the private jet when it failed to take off properly. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and the 26 year old boxer walked away nearly untouched. Post crash, Davis went live on instagram to give a detailed description of the scary incident him and his crew had just went through. He says he and his crew finished boarding the plane and prepped for takeoff, but the private jet failed to take off properly, causing a crash landing back on to the airport grounds. 

Interior of N277GM the Gulfstream G-IV involved in the incident.

This aircraft is managed by Mr. James D Torrey of FBO Professionals Group out of Wilton Manors, FL. The 1990 Gulfstream G-IV tail number N277GM purchased in September of 2016. It is maintained with FAR Part 91 certification. The engines have about 9,500 hours on them, with around 6,800 total cycles since new.

Davis said he is experiencing some pain, explaining that his butt was in pain and his feet were wrapped with gauze bandages. Davis said on his instagram live, “We didn’t even get up off the air, I got f—ing splinters in my feet, My a– is on fire. The plane didn’t even take off. It took off but it didn’t take off. I’m good, it’s just my a– hot. I’m sitting on this hot a– concrete.”

What contributed to the malfunction is not clear, but a report noted that overheating may have been a factor. Flight maneuvers the pilot used while taking off could have also been a factor. Davis recently received acclaim after a June 26 knockout win over fellow boxer, Mario Barrios. He is currently the WBA super lightweight champion. His current stats show him as undefeated at 25-0, and he’s secured WBA belts in three different weight classes.

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