M2Jets, Premier Private Jet Company, Partners with Entertainment Visionary to Build Sports & Entertainment Division

  • Who M2Jets partnered with to start its sports and entertainment division
  • Who Co-Founded Emmersive Entertainment Inc together

M2Jets Aviation Group is a leader in Private Jet Charter and has just announced that they will partner with music and film veteran Erik Hicks to spearhead its sports and entertainment division. The first movie of many following an uptick of over two hundred and fifty percent in jet charter during 2021 due to COVID-19 precautionary flyers, airports that are overcrowded, and declining tickets sold for airline services. The CEO of M2Jets, Moshe Malamud, said “We are thrilled to have Erik on board. His longstanding success in business and entertainment makes him a remarkable asset to our team.” 

Malamud started M2Jets in 2008 and has expanded the company significantly, offering a complete fleet and aircraft management and sales globally. Erik Hicks, who alongside serial entrepreneur David J. Kovacs and international superstar Flo Rida, co-founded Emmersive Entertainment, Inc., whose assets were acquired by a Vinco Ventures Inc. subsidiary said, “It’s an honor to partner with true visionaries such as Moshe Malamud and Bret Lockett. Private aviation has grown tremendously, particularly during these uncertain times, and I look forward to being an essential part of the company’s continued success.” he future of private travel will continue to thrive as exclusive travel remains the go-to alternative during these extraordinary times.

M2Jets Aviation Group launches Sports and Entertainment Division amidst three hundred percent spike in private charter and jet sales.

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