The Future of Electric Aviation: Ampaires ‘Electric EEL’

  • The Specs of the Hybrid Electric aircraft
  • What the Senior VP of Ampaire thinks of the Hybrid Aircraft

Ampaire’s Electric EEL is primarily a testing aircraft for the development of high-powered electrics, inverters, motors, and related systems. It is a platform for developing scalable technology and certification processes. The EEL can also serve owner-flown, charter and short-haul regional airline/cargo carriers. The aircraft takes off a little more steeply than might be expected, and when the aircraft is in flight, it is noticeably quieter than other aircrafts. 

Electric EEL is an adapted six-seat Cessna. There is a conventional combustion engine in the back of the plane that drives the rear propeller. The compartment you can see under the cabin holds six batteries that power the front propeller. The aircraft is very much a work in progress, and the batteries are only used to help get the plane airborne. Susan Ying, Ampaire’s senior vice-president, said she believed that “as well as being good for the environment, hybrid planes will cut the cost of flying and the cost of the hop from Exeter to Newquay in Electric EEL was 30% cheaper than in a conventional light aircraft. And batteries are coming down in price all the time.”

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