Aero-Tech Services

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Aero-Tech Services is an aviation company that is committed to helping people get where they want to go and reach their destination safely. We specialize in a wide spectrum of areas including Personal and Business Charter Flights, Freight Delivery Services, Scenic Flights, Flight Training in Helicopters and Airplanes, Aerobatics, Aircraft Management, Consulting Services, Sales, Rentals, and Aircraft Maintenance. Aero-tech Services is located in scenic Lititz, Pennsylvania. Our airport is in Lancaster County, conveniently located near major airports like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Harrisburg, as well as numerous regional airports.

Aero-Tech Services has been maintaining their own fleet of aircraft for over 30 years. From Wing Spar Replacements and Annual Inspections right on down to Oil Changes and Replacing Light Bulbs, ATS does it all. Aero-Tech Services, Inc. is conveniently located in Lancaster County at the Lancaster Airport (LNS) in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  Complete with private offices, multiple runways, and a wonderful tower staff, Lancaster Airport is an ideal location to learn how to fly!

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