Denali Ground Tests for Single-Engine Turboprop Prototype is Now Completed

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Textron Aviation has now finished the initial engine tests on its Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop prototype. According to the Textron, the tests were used to  verify fuel system and engine function along with the avionics and electrical systems. The ground engine runs took place at Textron’s west campus in Wichita, Kansas.

Chris Hearne, Textron Aviation senior vice president for engineering said “These successful engine runs are a significant step toward the upcoming inaugural flight for the Beechcraft Denali, and they are a testament to the determination and collaboration from both the Textron Aviation and GE Aviation teams, the Denali features a technologically advanced engine that burns less fuel. It has an intuitive avionics suite that eases pilot workload and boasts the most spacious cabin in its segment.”

Launched in 2016 under the Cessna brand, the Garmin G3000-equipped Beechcraft Denali is expected to have a cruise speed of 285 knots, 1,100-pound full fuel payload and range of 1,600 NM and seat up to eleven people. The aircraft is powered by GE Aviation’s new Catalyst engine, which itself is being prepped to undertake its first flight on a Beechcraft King Air flying test bed following more than 2,450 hours of testing. Textron is aiming to fly the Denali for the first time by the end of the year and hopes to have it certified in 2023. 

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