NBAA-BACE New Product Showcase is Going Digital

  • A statement from Tyler Austin, the NBAA Director about the new product showcase
  • Why this addition will be valuable to attendees and exhibitors during a pandemic

Advancement and modernization are always at the forefront in business aviation, even during a pandemic. Many of the exhibitors at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention have released their latest products since the last convention, 18 months ago. The focus on the digital and mobile presence of a retooled New Products Showcase will be a valuable asset to attendees and exhibitors. 

Tyler Austin, NBAA director, certification, said “We’ve reimagined the New Product Showcase with the exhibitor and attendee experience in mind, this digital platform will allow exhibitors to get their product or service in front of a wider audience, increasing the ROI on their NBAA-BACE investment. For attendees, the platform will pull together many of the latest and greatest products business aviation has to offer in one place, attendees will be able to view these products before, during, and after NBAA-BACE, maximizing exposure and access to these featured new products.”

This gives exhibitors a platform to showcase their new products and easily reach potential buyers and customers. This opportunity is only available to NBAA-BACE exhibitors, with listings appearing on both the NBAA-BACE website and the show’s mobile app, as well as dedicated outreach to NBAA press partners.

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