As Charter Demand Rises Post COVID, Elite Jets Has Made Some Company Changes

  • The Changes Elite Jets has made to their company
  • A statement from the Vice President of Elite Jets

Elite Jets has added seven full-time staff members, a 21 percent increase, in response to higher demand for its charter services because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new hires, which bring its total employment to 40 full-time and six part-time, include three additional pilots, bringing the total to 22 (21 jet pilots and one helicopter pilot).

Elite Jets Vice President Stephen Myers said, “For affluent travelers, the choice about how to fly—first-class commercially or privately—once was a financial decision, now it is a health and safety decision. Passengers feel more comfortable knowing it is just their traveling party and flight crew on board, and that has fueled a surge in interest for charter flights.” Elite Jets owns and operates the most luxurious fleet in the sky with five immaculately maintained next-generation Embraer Jets

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