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Schubach Aviation has steadfastly remained the quintessential go-to for San Diego’s Jet Set for over 30 years. Schubach understands what private jet travelers desire: safety, value, and ultimate efficiency. Schubachs team is comprised of unrelenting aviation specialists, committed to setting the standard for flying private and we understand how to deliver. Schubach gives you the power to travel on your own schedule, whatever your private jet flight destination. Plus, with access to nearly 5,000 airports, including in hard-to-reach destinations, private plane charter can get you closer to where you need to go, in less time.

There are many benefits of having Schubach Aviation manage your aircraft. They offer increased oversight in every aspect of the operation of your aircraft, and many of their programs and services will help to significantly decrease the cost of aircraft ownership. Along with tremendous cost savings for on base fuel rate, Schubach shops for the best price based on your itinerary and provide our preferred fuel discounts for our owners on every stop of every trip. With an aircraft under management with Schubach, as an owner you’ll have an entire flight department at your disposal. Schubachs entire fleet of aircraft is available to you at reduced rates if your aircraft is unavailable in maintenance, or not suitable for a particular trip. 

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