Volunteer Pilots are Making Efforts to Deliver Supplies to The Remote Areas Hit by Hurricane Ida

  • How many trips AeroBridge has done to deliver 90,000 pounds of materials
  • How to sign up to join the efforts of saving those affected by Hurricane Ida

In total, AeroBridge flew more than 90,000 pounds of materials and supplies over the course of 90 missions—everything from food and water to live-saving insulin. ​​In an interview over Labor Day weekend with Flying, pilot Brad Pierce recounted the hours he’d used his Cirrus SR22T flying back and forth from the organization’s staging airport at Pensacola International (KPNS) to airports in Texas and Louisiana, focusing their efforts on those places hit hardest. 

“We like to get our own eyes on things; it’s not a sightseeing trip,” Pierce said. “If we see FEMA trucks, we stand down”—but there was zero happening in Galliano when they made their survey. So, they loaded up what they could and brought it into the South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr. Airport.

Pierce typically flies up to 600 hours each year in the course of his business, which includes installing commercial kitchens at military bases. He appreciates everything the military does in supplying disaster relief in these times. Over 200 pilots have signed up this passed week to help, but they are still in need of more pilots. Pilots can sign up to support AeroBridge by going to the organization’s site.

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