Cirrus Aviation

  • How the largest private jet management company in Las Vegas can manage your aircraft
  • What the cornerstones are to Cirrus Aviation’s success as a charter company

Cirrus Aviation Services is by far the largest private jet management company in Las Vegas with more flights and aircraft than our direct competitors combined. The Cirrus Aviation team has been managing and operating aircraft – commercially and privately – for more than 40 years. The family-owned business is run by President & CEO Greg Woods and Director of Operations Mark Woods, two brothers who mastered the details and demands of the aviation industry and built the foundation for Cirrus Aviation.

Cirrus Aviation will help you research, plan and choose the appropriate aircraft for your unique needs. First, Cirrus needs to understand your travel, so together you can select the right blend of price, performance and long term ownership costs for your needs. Let Cirrus Aviation manage your entire flight operation. Their team handles the hiring, training and payroll of the crew, using skilled and experienced pilots and maintenance professionals who are familiar with your aircraft.

Safety and ethics are the cornerstones of Cirrus company and are critical to their success. Cirrus Aviation is proud to hold a Platinum rating for safety by ARGUS International based on in-depth third-party audits and inspections. Cirrus teaches and promote both safety and ethics to everyone in their organization.

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