Million Air Asks Court To Reject Motion To Dismiss $30M Suit

  • the details of the situation

Attorneys for Million Air White Plains, a provider of private aviation services, is asking a Federal District Court to reject a motion for dismissal of Million Air’s $30 million lawsuit by Westchester County, New York. The motion, filed Sept. 3, rejects the county’s reasons for dismissal of the suit. As set forth in Million Air’s brief, the County repeated and unreasonably refused to approve Million Air’s proposal to improve its facilities at the airport by replacing an out-of-date hangar with a It also states that the County has “compounded this breach” by failing to cooperate with Million Air in obtaining necessary environmental and regulatory approvals.

Million Air is a highly regarded provider of private aviation services with locations across the United States and globally. At Westchester County Airport it operates a fixed base operation including a hangar and passenger service terminal built under lease with the county and provides services to private aircraft including maintenance and fueling. The lease provides that Million Air can construct new addition hangars at the airport and that the County may not unreasonably refuse to approve of such new hangars.

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