Rolls-Royce Announces its all-electric ‘ACCEL’ Made its First Flight

  • Specs of this aircraft
  • How many homes this aircraft could power

As Rolls-Royce Holdings’s all-electric plane prepares to take its first ever flight in coming weeks in a world-record attempt for flight speed, it will get ground support from Jaguar I-Pace electric cars. The zero-emission cars will act as towing and support vehicles for the carbon-neutral project. The aviation company’s ‘Spirit of Innovation’ all-electric aircraft is targeting a speed of of 300+ mph (480+ kmh) in its maiden flight in order to set a world record for fastest all-electric plane.

The aircraft features an electric propulsion system that delivers 500+ horsepower using its most power-dense battery pack ever assembled for a plane. The battery, Rolls-Royce says, has enough power to light 250 homes at once or fly from London to Paris on a single charge. The ‘Spirit of Innovation’ electric aircraft has been created by the ‘Accelerating the Electrification of Flight‘ (ACCEL) programme. Key partners of the programme include YASA – electric motor and controller manufacturer, and aviation start-up Electroflight. The UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Innovate have together funded half of the project’s costs.

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