Are Windowless Cabins the Future of Air Travel?

  • A statement from the VP of Strategy for Rosen Aviation
  • Who Rosen Aviation is working with on this futuristic aircraft

Aviation innovators Rosen Aviation reckon this experience could be taken to the next level, rendering actual airplane windows obsolete. Rosen is touting its Maverick Project airplane cabin design as the next frontier of inflight experience. Virtual windows will be used for this project.

“The Maverick Project was born from trying to bring tomorrow’s technology into tomorrow’s plane,” says Lee Clark, Rosen’s senior VP for strategy.

Rosen, working in collaboration with KiPcreating and Sky-Style, wants to change this dynamic with the Maverick Project. But while the visual renderings look flashy, Clark says the goal isn’t to go high tech simply for the sake of it. Rosen envisages the Maverick Project working in a private jet, but the company also plans to exhibit a commercial version at next year’s Airport Interiors Expo, an annual industry event highlighting innovation in cabin design.

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