Airbus to Deliver all Commercial Aircrafts with Sustainable Fuel

  • What FBO will be supplying the fuel for Airbus
  • What Sustainable Aviation Fuel means for aviation and the environment

As part of an industry-wide initiative to become carbon-neutral, Airbus will deliver all aircraft from its U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by November. The Mobile facility manufactures the A220 and A320 aircraft families. Signature Flight Support will supply the SAF to the facility, ensuring that all delivered aircraft will be powered by a blend of SAF and conventional jet fuel within the next two months.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a fuel that meets all the technical and safety requirements as jet fuels, but SAF comes from a more sustainable source resulting in less or no carbon emissions in our atmosphere. SAF is capable of reducing emissions up to 80% compared to jet fuel which in the next decade or so we will have no choice but to use sustainable jet fuel to save us from over pollution. By offsetting emissions, SAF will play a vital role in the short and long term as we build towards a truly sustainable future. 

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