Dan Piraino, CEO of Dumont Jets

  • Dans Career in Aviation and as CEO of Dumont Jets

Dumont Aviation was founded in January 2013. However, its predecessor companies Elcorta and MX Jet Services have a history at the New Castle Airport in Delaware (KILG) going back to 1974. Dumont Aviation grew rapidly focusing on Sales, Charter, Management, Maintenance, and Refurbishment.

With an affinity for planes spanning over three decades, Dan Piraino started at the very bottom of the business. Driven by his passion for aviation, he is flying high, in the director seat at The Dumont Group.

“I have been a pilot for over 30 years. I have a passion for aviation and have been involved with everything from cleaning planes while in high school to running the Dumont Group enterprise along with my business partner, Kevin Wargo. The Dumont Group is made up of Dumont MRO which is maintenance, paint and interior; then Volo Direct is our aircraft parts company; and Dumont JETS which handles aircraft sales and charter. I spend my time on identifying our next acquisitions. Dumont Group is very active in paring out of parting. Our parts division, Volo Direct, handles the sales of the parts we harvest off of parting out aircraft. We typically part out 2-3 aircraft each month. This is a very small industry, and a lot of my time is spent visiting, on the phone or in person, contacts that we have made over the last 30+ years. The relationships are so vital, and it is very rewarding to stay involved on this personal level.”

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