Fabian Bello, CEO of Journey Aviation Services

  • Mr Bellos career in aviation before and during his presidency at Journey Aviation

Fabian Bello is CEO and founding member of Journey Aviation, one of the world’s top Gulfstream operators. Under his leadership, the company has demonstrated notable growth since its inception in January of 2014, exceeding $200 million USD in total revenue within its first 5 years in business, while establishing itself as an industry preferred quality operator. In April 2019, Bello acquired Longtail Aviation, the only AOC in Bermuda which currently operates a BBJ and can operate any aircraft with no weight or seat restrictions.

While in the aviation industry, Mr. Bello has held various positions, such as executive vice-president and president/CEO of an international division, as well as president/CEO of other related aviation companies.  Most notably, Mr. Bello is known for managing the introduction of Deer Jet’s BBJ’s and ACJ fleet into the Middle East, catapulting the company’s penetration into the international markets.

Prior to entering the aviation industry, Mr. Bello worked in the logistics industry, working for a top worldwide logistics company with over $3 billion USD yearly turnover.   In addition to his extensive business knowledge, Mr. Bello has vast experience working with and uniting diverse cultures worldwide; particularly Hispanic, European, Asian and of Arabic regions. He has an innate ability of bringing and keeping individuals working together in pursuit of a common goal.  Getting things done effectively, efficiently and with the buy-in of all related parties is one of the strongest attributes to his management style.

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