Delta purchases more than $1 billion Worth of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

  • A statement from the Chairman of Aemetis
  • When Delta will be fully sustainable

Delta Airlines has entered into a 10-year contract with renewable fuels company Aemetis, worth more than $1 billion, to source sustainable aviation fuel for its flights.

SAF is a low-carbon jet fuel made from renewable biomass and waste resources, including corn, algae, waste oils, agricultural and forestry residues, and solid + liquid waste streams. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, SAF can create new economic opportunities in farming communities and boost aircraft performance.

Commenting on the technology, Aemetis Chairman and CEO Eric McAfee stated, “The 90 million gallon per year plant is designed to produce below zero carbon intensity renewable fuels by utilizing cellulosic hydrogen from waste forest and orchard wood along with onsite CO2 carbon sequestration.”

Airlines are facing political pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, with the White House targeting 20% lower aviation emissions by 2030. Delta has already committed to airline carbon-neutrality and intends to replace 10% of its conventional jet fuel consumption with SAF by 2030.

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