Tradewind has been named in the Top 5 Best Airlines in the United States

  • The Top five best airlines in the United States
  • Tradewind Aviations CEOs career in aviation

The Top Five Best Airlines in the United States

  1. Hawaiian Airlines 79.45
  2. Alaska Airlines 78.19
  3. Delta Air Lines 77.01
  4. JetBlue Airways 76.96
  5. Tradewind Aviation 74.72

Tradewind Aviation was founded in 2001 on the premise that every flight deserves the highest quality aircraft, crew, and service.

Headquartered in Oxford, Connecticut with operational bases at Westchester County Airport in New York and San Juan International Airport in Puerto Rico, Tradewind operates both on-demand private charter and scheduled “shuttle” service throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.

With over twenty years as a pilot, Eric is the founder of Tradewind Aviation. He began his aviation career as a charter sales representative for Westchester Air, eventually serving as a pilot, Director of Marketing and General Manager. Prior to aviation, Eric developed residential and commercial real estate in southern New York and founded a successful e-commerce business. Eric holds a B.S. in entrepreneurial management and economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

He and his brother, Vice President David Zipkin, founded the company in 2001, building on a lifelong passion for aviation. Raised with an entrepreneurial mindset, the brothers had always known that they would work together and embarked on several ventures before identifying the need for high-quality, regional flights in the Northeast. Both were private pilots at the time, and Eric was working for a charter company (a position he attributes to his wife, who said he should probably get paid if he was going to spend every day at the airport). After learning the ins and outs of the charter business, it didn’t take Eric long to determine that there was a niche opportunity waiting for them.

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