Jet It CEO Glenn Gonzales on Travel Trends Amid the Pandemic

  • Glenn Gonzales take on Jet It during the pandemic

Jet It is now the first private charter company to be licensed to operate in three separate geographical regions.

“Our companies revenues are up 5x since last year” Jet Its CEO Glenn Gonzales said about the corona virus pandemic. Jet It has not found trouble finding pilots or planes, and at $1,600 dollars an hour, Jet Its prices are ones you cant give up. On one of their flights, taking a private jet for an hour flight with four passengers costs less than a first class flight on a commercial flight.

Since jet fuel has gone up in price, Jet It still hasnt found trouble getting fuel for their flights while other companies are struggling to find fuel with the fluxuation in prices. Jet It is looking to go electric soon, even though the Honda Jet fleet is the most fuel efficient aircraft in the market.

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