Jeff Bezos Pledges $2 Billion to Battle Climate Change After Flying to Conference on Private Jet

  • Details on Bezos pledge to climate change
  • A statement from Jeff

On Tuesday, Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos announced a $2 billion pledge to battle climate change at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland, which he flew to on his private jet. 

The $2 billion commitment is part of a larger $10 billion pledge from the Bezos Earth Fund, which aims to “enhance nature and advance environmental justice and economic opportunity” by 2030, according to Bezos. 

“Our commitment today supports a three-fold imperative — we must conserve what we have, restore what we’ve lost and grow what we need in harmony with nature,” the billionaire continued. “Investing in nature through both traditional and innovative approaches is essential to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, protect the beauty of the natural world and create a prosperous future.”

The $2 billion commitment will be added to the $1 billion pledge announced in September at Climate Week NYC. The total funds will be allocated to nature conservation, landscape restoration and food-systems transformation, the press release states

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