Million Air Launches Green Initiative

  • What this initiative will consist of
  • A statement from Million Airs Chief Brand Officer

FBO chain Million Air has unveiled a two-pronged sustainability plan, with the goal of making the Houston-based service provider net-zero in carbon emissions by 2023. This past June, the company’s Burbank, California location became its first to offer sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), with each 8,000-gallon truckload providing a 22-tonne lifecycle carbon reduction.

Beyond that, Million Air is also making environmental improvements at its facilities, with its Westchester County, New York location slated to be the first to achieve net-zero. It has been converted to 100 percent LED lighting supplemented by natural light, and hangar roofs received reflective white coatings to reduce heat gain in the summer. Along with those efforts, Million Air will invest in high-quality carbon offsets as part of its carbon assessment plans.

“Our strategy recognizes there are two sides to general aviation’s opportunities to reduce carbon,” said chief brand officer Sandy Nelson, “not only by providing SAF to our carbon reduction-committed customers but also ensuring Million Air is equally focused on carbon reduction efforts at its own facilities.”

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