Airliner Denies Passengers on Their Flight, Forcing them to be Stuck in Mexico

Passengers who were traveled to Cancun and expected to return home to Canada are without an aircraft to fly them back.

On their flight to Cancun, these people were drinking, dancing, and smoking on the plane and wore their face coverings in a limited fashion. As a result of not following proper health, safety and precautionary procedures, the airlines refused to fly them back home to Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a statement to the situation. “It’s a slap in the face to see people putting themselves, putting their fellow citizens, putting airline workers at risk by being completely irresponsible… I am extremely frustrated.”

The airliner, also known as Sunwing, could not provide further context on the situation as there are active investigations going on, but made a statement on their customers’ actions. “[it was]unruly and contravened several Canadian Aviation Regulations as well as public health regulations.”

As the situation is resolving currently, the crew is working on getting all passengers home in a timely manner.

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