Are there Sport Teams that have Private Jets?

Private aviation is attractive for sports teams especially because it is one of their highest expenses. Most teams will typically use commercial airlines, however, teams are starting to use private aircrafts for traveling purposes now.

The New England Patriots, along with the Arizona Cardinals, and the Dallas Mavericks, to name a few, use their own private aircrafts. The New England Patriots have been a team that is fairly public with their private aircrafts, as they have 2 Boeing 757s to transport their players, employees, and other related staff members to away games.

Athletes such as Lebron James, Christiano Ronaldo and Mark Cuban also utilize a private aircraft as well.

The benefit of a private aircraft is that players can travel whenever and wherever they want, and can be comfortable on the plane. Especially when athletes are on the plane for hours on hours during the week, this becomes a major importance.

The most notable commercial airline to date is Delta Airlines, as they call themselves the “Official Airline of Champions” since they partner with over 100 sport teams. However, now that there is a push to cut costs since many leagues faced hardship from the shortened seasons last year, there could be more demand in the private aviation industry moving forward.

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