Plane VS. Train!

  • Plane crash ends up on train tracks being struck by a train moments after crash
  • Pilot survives, thanks to first responders

Los Angeles police officers pulled the pilot of a plane away from the tracks moments before a train crashed into it in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The pilot lost control of the aircraft after it lost power during a flight on Sunday. The pilot was skillfully able to crash land the aircraft safely enough to survive the impact.

What happened next felt like a scene out of a movie. The pilot was helped out of the aircraft by first responders and civilians that were on sight. The responders knew that they were on the clock as the aircraft was in the path of a high speed train getting closer and closer by the second.

As you can see in the video the pilot was rescued from the aircraft just seconds before the train collided with the aircraft.

Fortunately no one was killed in the crash and the pilot was taken to the nearest hospital for injury scanning and will be just fine. This is a crazy accident that luckily did not end in any casualties due to the help and effectiveness of the first responders.

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