Technology and Crypto Taking Flight In Private Aviation!

  • Technology behind private aviation
  • Crypto currency involvement in private aviation

Private aviation understood from the beginning that it is not enough to incorporate digital transformation. It is also necessary to embrace it from within and take advantage of it by proposing innovative solutions.

This being said the industry was stuck in the past for a long time with little technology involved in the side of the passengers.  Now with many platforms out there there are many ways for flyers to book a private jet from their mobile device.

Not only is the technology involved with the operations of flights but also with the booking and methods of payments that are really putting private aviation ahead of its time.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a solution that breaks paradigms in private aviation: reservations and payments through cryptocurrencies. Can you imagine paying for your private jet trip with Bitcoins or Ethereum?

There are now ways that people are paying for these private flights simply from the metaverse and the blockchain.  This means that travelers have the capability to afford flights that cost thousands of dollars simply due to their involvement in crypto currencies.  Private jet clubs will continue to release more info on this topic as more is released.

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