MagniX wins $74.3 million from NASA to demonstrate electric aviation technologies

Everett, Wash.-based MagniX will be getting $74.3 million from NASA over the next five years to demonstrate electric propulsion technologies for aircraft.

“This award from NASA is a testament to the fantastic work being done every day by the team at MagniX,” Roei Ganzarski, MagniX’s CEO, told GeekWire in an email. “This program will enable the next-generation commercial aircraft. We are proud to be in the same cohort with a great company like GE.”

Over the five-year term of the award, MagniX and GE Aviation are due to demonstrate electric aircraft propulsion technologies, also known as EAP, that could be used in commercial aircraft including short-range and regional passenger planes. They’ll also collaborate on other NASA projects that touch on electric propulsion, flight test instrumentation and data analysis.MagniX is already working on demonstrations of electric aircraft propulsion, making use of its Magni350 and Magni650 electric motors. It’s partnering with Vancouver, B.C.-based Harbour Air to get a fleet of retrofitted electric seaplanes certified for short-haul passenger flights, and has also struck deals with Universal Hydrogen, Sydney Seaplanes, Faradair, H55 and Blade.

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