India in talks of Evacuating Citizens from Ukraine by Air

According to reports, India has the largest amount of people affiliated either in or around Ukraine. There are 20,000+ people that are in Ukraine that are from India, with over 15,000 of those people being students.

Since then, India has asked them to keep in close contact with them and provide regular communication with them at their own convenience.

A representative from India made a statement about this move. “In view of the uncertainties of the current situation in Ukraine, Indian nationals in Ukraine, particularly students whose stay is not essential, may consider leaving temporarily. Indian nationals are also advised to avoid all non-essential travel to and within Ukraine.”

However, it is hard for people from India to schedule flights back to their homeland with all of the tension going on today. They are trying to arrange special flights for these people to try and evacuate them immediately.

There is no further update on this matter and it is suggested by many parties to try and arrange a departure of some sort if you know someone who is residing in Ukraine right now.

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