Should you Tip a Pilot or Flight Attendant?

Much like tipping at valets or restaurants, should you tip pilots in the same manner and if so, what is the proper etiquette behind it?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t feel obligated to tip the pilot or flight attendant, and that you should only tip if you really have the desire to do so.

However, in the Middle East, flight attendants are sometimes gifted with jewelry and luxury goods. These thank-you presents are given however only on private flights, and to crew members that the passengers see regularly.

The majority of customers in America don’t tip, but for pilots, anywhere in the $20-50 range is not uncommon. Additionally, for flights that offer meal service, it is common courtesy to tip.

The short answer is that pilots are paid on a salary and therefore you do not need to tip, but, if you see the same crew members regularly or if they provided an exceptional job and service to you, it doesn’t hurt to give them a generous donation as a token of gratitude. Typically, tips range around 5%-10% range of the price of the flight.

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